Bitcoin Wallets and Debit Cards

Bitcoin Cold Wallets

Cold storage, also know as a cold wallet, can provide the best security for storing cryptocurrency. Cold storage refers to taking your cryptocurrency offline and storing it on hardware such as a USB drive. Cold storage prevents the loss of bitcoin through server crashes and cryptocurrency exchange hacks. Cold storage should be considered a necessity when dealing with large amounts of cryptocurrency. Some of the best cold wallets are provided by Ledger and Trezor. Cold wallets can be a bit expensive, but definitely worth the investment to secure your cryptocurrency. The cons of cold wallets are the same as they are with any hardware. The potential for loss comes from having the drive itself damaged or stolen. Be sure to keep your cold wallet in a safe, cool and dry place. A safety deposit box is recommended.

Bitcoin Debit Cards

Another useful piece of Cryptocurrency hardware is a cryptocurrency debit card. These prepaid cards allow the holder to access their cryptocurrency from an online wallet and convert it to their local currency for everyday use. These cards allow holders of bitcoin to actually use bitcoin for its intended purpose, a currency.

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